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The face of a secular conservative.My name is Janus. I am a 27 year old IT professional born and reared in Houston, Texas. I have a bachelors degree in political science from the University of Houston.

I grew up as the son of a single mother. We were so poor that my mom was holding tupperware parties and I was wearing home-made clothing. Still, we overcame. Mom bought a rickety house in an almost-decent barrio. I actually got to go to a private school for two years where I got a healthy dose of religion, much to the delight of my aunts and grandmother – it also gave me a disturbing first glimpse at what happens when two religious dogmas conflict.

My father was an entrepreneur and, when it was his weekend to take me, I spent much of my childhood in shops and back rooms learning about computers and the way things worked on the inside. I built my first computer when I was six and have built all but two computers I’ve ever owned since. I have 3 computers in my living room. I learned my first programming language, BASIC, in middle school. I learned HTML and C in high school and tutored both in college. I’ve spent years running my own web development business and know firsthand what it takes to succeed in life. Today I work at one of the fastest growing IT firms in Houston doing literally everything from basic tech support to advanced systems administration to technical writing and customer service.

As a former (semi-rehabilitated) forum troll, blogging comes naturally to me unless I’m trying to be nice, in which case it’s an uphill battle. I try to be as informative as possible in my posts without rambling and as surgical and non-partisan as possible when it comes to an issue. I prefer to let the facts speak for themselves and point out the obvious rather than try to argue over relative concepts with people who are immune to reason.

I don’t believe in moral relativism. I think actions either hurt other people or they don’t and therefore they are either wrong or they aren’t (notice I didn’t say wrong or right).

I am a secular conservative. I strongly believe in conservative ideology but that has led me to disagree with the Republican Party on a number of issues, especially the degree to which the religious right controls the party and the cognitive dissidence that comes with supporting smaller government and lower regulation while at the same time arguing for an expanded government role into moral issues.

I firmly believe the first amendment grants us a separation of religion and state. I believe atheism is a religion. My greatest struggle against Republican and conservative ideology is over the point of religion and civil rights. I do not believe in discrimination and I do not believe in denying people their civil rights just because they don’t conform with your version of morality.

I hate extremists. I especially revile people who feel they have the right to dictate morality to others and people who want to take what little hard earned money I have. That said, I don’t have much patience for atheists and anarchists either.

I am, at my core, an intellectually honest secular conservative. I am unafraid to criticize anyone, Republican or Democratic.

This is my blog.

To contact me, leave a post here or anywhere on the blog (I read them all), email me at janus at secularconservative.net, or follow me on twitter @JanusTheMad.


Dear Janus,

I am contacting you to see about your interest in covering a new book by Robin Mills he is the Senior Evaluation Manager for Dubai Energy. The book, The Myth of the Oil Crisis, is an open discussion into the true about oil and the constant global need for it. There is a brief description of the book below. It would be great to speak with you about the possibility of a book review, interview or other feature for your online readers. Currently advanced copies of the book are available and I would be happy to send you one. Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward in hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Edited by Janus: Contact information removed by request of the poster.

 Comment by Caitlin Price on August 19, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

While my exact reply to Ms. Price was private, I will reply publicly with the gist of what I told her for public consumption:

If you want me to review a book, or endorse a candidate, or support a group, or get involved on a specific bill, or a ballot initiative, or whatever, then email me. Send me whatever you have on it. If it’s a book, send me the book. If it’s a candidate, send me his platform and the platform of his opponent. If it’s a PAC or whatever, bring it to my attention.

I will, for free, look at whatever it is. If it’s a book, I’ll read it. If it’s a candidate, I’ll look up his voting record. If it’s a PAC I’ll examine it’s values. If … you get the idea.

If I like it, I will post about it. If not, I won’t. It’s that simple.

 Comment by Janus on August 19, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

I have started my own Secular Conservative blog.


 Comment by TMF on August 11, 2009 @ 9:15 pm

I just discovered your site and blog. Keep up the good work we meed to take our party back from people who either think humans & dinosours lived together or that dinosour fossils were planted by “God” as taste for the “unfaiyhful”

 Comment by Will on August 14, 2009 @ 10:35 pm