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Theocracy Is Not Conservative

Posted by Janus on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 in Secular

All but one of these value are in harmony with one another. All but one of these value can be put next to any other value on the list and it can be said that these two values are consistent and complementary of one another. The odd man out – the one value that clashes with each of the other conservative values, is religion.

I do, here and now, declare that theocracy is incongruent with every other conservative value. No, really, let’s look at it.

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Evangelical Atheism

Posted by Janus on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 in Secular

As a self-proclaimed secular conservative, I often confuse people when I take aim at policies that attempt to institutionalize an Atheist approach to governance. But why? If Atheists don’t believe in God, wouldn’t that be the perfect way to separate church and state? While a Godless republic on its face seems like a great secular idea, I take issue with the evangelical Atheists who would spread Atheism just as much as I take issue with the evangelical Christians who want to spread religion.

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