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(Un)Equally (Un)Important

Posted by Janus on Thursday, May 14, 2009 in Unreported News

One of the facts of life in a democracy (or, in our case, a republic with democratically elected leaders) is that everyone’s vote is absolutely and unequivocally equal. This fundamental idea is the bedrock foundation of modern democracies. Everyone has an equal opportunity to speak out, to participate, and to be heard before decisions that affect them are made.

As good and true as those things are however, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone’s opinion is equal.

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Hillary’s Confirmation Hearings

Posted by Janus on Thursday, January 15, 2009 in Unreported News

If she’s an evil, underhanded, corrupt official (and she’s not – let’s just be clear) and no evidence has come to light after being married to the governor of Arkansas, then the President of the United States, and then as a Senator, and then as a Presidential candidate, then the chances of it coming to light in a week of chit chat on capital hill are nill.

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How is this not news?!

Posted by Janus on Monday, October 13, 2008 in Unreported News

I usually don’t just blindly link to news items. I figure that if you’re interested in the story and aware enough to be a part of the blogging arena, you’ve probably already seen it — but this is a story that’s been floating around since Tuesday and I haven’t seen it even mentioned anywhere [...]

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