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Mixed Feelings

Published by Janus on May 2, 2010

The core principles of conservative philosophy are at odds on immigration.Here’s kind of my deal on the whole immigration thing: We should welcome those who earnestly wish to live in our country and contribute to our society in a positive and meaningful way.

Here’s part of my other deal on the whole immigration thing: Laws, regardless of why they were passed, are meant to be followed. Law and order is right and good and must be maintained to protect and perpetuate society as we know it.

Here’s the crazy thing: America as a nation is 180 degrees bass ackwards on not just one but both of these general principles.

We have laws that are bad and rather than repealing them, we’re simply ignoring the law. Believe me, I understand the logic. “We don’t like it so we’re not going to do it.” I get it. It makes sense, but it’s also completely unacceptable. We are, ostensibly, a nation under the rule of law. When we ignore those laws, we undermine our nation. If you’re one of those revolutionary whack jobs, that might be okay, but for me, I kinda take issue with that. If you don’t like it, repeal it, resign, or shut the hell up and do your jobs.

So, in my opinion, the boarder control laws in this country are all kinds of jacked up.

I, personally, live in one of those so-called “sanctuary cities”. I’ll be blunt: the American way of life is not under attack, Mexican drug cartels don’t rule the streets, and while our schools aren’t the best, it’s hardly the fault of foreigners taking over our country. I don’t know a single person out of work because immigrants are taking their jobs. I dare say that cheap labor makes our lives better – the only real places that have a large quantity of non-English speaking workers are janitorial services and hard labor. The bottom line is if you don’t speak English, your job choices are rather limited.

If you’re in any danger of having your job stolen by someone who doesn’t speak English, you might want to have stayed in school and gotten that GED. Even Taco Bell doesn’t hire people who can’t take orders. Let me take this one step further and say this: I’m a bottom line kind of person. I don’t care what race you are, where you’re from, or even what you do on the weekends. Jobs need to be done by people who can do them well. It’s not just good for business, or the economy – on the balance it’s good for society in general. My life is better when the services I require are performed by people who are best qualified to provide them. If that job can be done by a foreigner, the job is going to get outsourced. The decrease in cost results in an increase in efficiency, which results in increased productivity, which results in a world that is, on the whole, more prosperous than it was before.

I really don’t care if you’re a Mexican. I don’t.

On the other hand, I don’t really support drug smuggling, fugitives fleeing to escape justice, weapons finding their way into the country, or simple good old fashioned tax evasion. We need to control our border. It is the duty of the government to protect its citizens. Period. End of discussion. And if dangerous elements are using the border to circumvent the law, then we have to crack down on that.


I don’t care if we have to turn all 1,969 miles of the border into Berlin Wall 2: The Other, Other Iron Curtain. I really don’t.

America is a sovereign nation. Our borders belong to us. It is our God-given right to control them and to decide who passes through them. Our laws are to be followed, our borders respected, and our people secure. If it takes declaring war on the cartels, North Korea-style isolationism, and every tank we own garrisoned in downtown Laredo, so be it.

But we aren’t targeting dangerous people or enforcing our laws. We’re going after ordinary, hard working people when we bother to go after anyone at all.

I have mixed feelings about Arizona’s anti-immigration laws. They’re frustrated by a federal government that has completely dropped the ball on the border situation. I can sympathize with that. They’re taking matters into their own hands and, like what so often happens when we take matters into our own hands, things are just completely out of control.

They’ve managed to go off on a tangent, turning a bad situation into a completely insane situation.

We tend to do this a lot in life. We start wandering down a dark path, lose sight of where we’re going, and then fail to see the forest from the trees. We, as a society, have to strive to make life better for ourselves. The whole point of controlling the border is to make life better. In the end, this law is all about looking for foreigners. Ultimately, we’re all immigrants, making us all potentially illegals. Does treating every person in the state like a potential criminal make life better?

This isn’t a manhunt. It’s a witch hunt. That is, unless there’s some way of telling who is and isn’t an American just by looking – and if lawmakers in Arizona think that’s possible, there’s something far darker and far more sinister than illegal immigration going on.

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You are absolutely correct. The laws of the land, like them or not, are to be followed. If you don’t like them, by all means try to get them changed, there are legal means in place for doing just that. You don’t get to just ignore any law you don’t feel like following and expect no consequences for your actions. I can’t go shoot someone because I don’t like the laws against murder and expect not to go to prison. It’s absurd.

But then again, so are these liberal pro-illegal doofuses.

 Comment by Cephus on May 9, 2010 @ 8:39 pm