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Faith In Mankind or Something

Published by Janus on January 26, 2010

Somewhere in all of this I've found a faith, of sorts.I am, at my core, something of a doubter. It’s not that I don’t believe, or that I won’t believe, it’s just that I tend to need, at the very least, some kind of plausible reason for why things are the way they are. “Just because” isn’t a statement of fact, it’s a statement of ignorance. “Tradition” isn’t a reason, it’s an excuse.

In a short, I don’t believe in things I can’t explain. In an odd sort of way, this persistent doubt has lead me to find a faith of sorts.

I refuse to believe the world is filled with stupid people. Some people are completely beyond help – a fact that explains a great many things – but there had to be enough sharp, motivated, and collected individuals out there to get us this far. Society, and especially modern society, just wouldn’t be possible without thoughtful people to carry on.

The world is not filled with evil people. Yeah, there are a few bad apples, but if the world was out to get us we would be genuinely screwed. Anarchy would reign, you couldn’t walk down the street without getting mugged, murderers would be hiding at every turn, everyone would make minimum wage (Who am I kidding? We’d be slaves.), and Lady Gaga would be the only thing played on the radio. Ever.

We’ve obviously not descended into hell and we aren’t exactly paragons of truth and justice either. People slip up from time to time. No one’s perfect. The world is, in fact, filled mostly with people just minding their own business trying to get from day to day and live their lives in some semblance of peace and normalcy.

Can you call that faith in mankind? I guess, just like society, it is what it is.

We’ll just have to muddle through somehow.

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